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Shawn & Jessica | Carmel Wedding

Ok, it’s been a little quiet in here for a few…time to make some noise! 🙂 My first wedding of the yearView full post »

Ryan & Beth

Ok, I have to admit that I’ve been looking forward to Ryan and Beth’s wedding ever since we did theirView full post »

Brandon & Keli

I know I say this about every wedding but, WOW! What a spectacular day! Brandon and Keli had their ceremony andView full post »

John & Ashley

Meet John and Ashley! They were married at White River Gardens in Indianapolis and did the Dolphin Gallery at theView full post »

Nick & Leah

I swear, I’m getting caught up…even if it kills me! Leah’s been waiting for this one so, here weView full post »

Nick & Leah – Sneak Peek!

Just a quick one on Nick and Leah! I’ll have the rest up within the next couple of days….I promise Leah!View full post »

Joe & Stephanie

Hey everyone!! I know, I know…long time, no bloggie! Ok, meet Joe and Stephanie! They were married at theView full post »

Eric & Holly

Ok…this post is going to be a long one so buckle up! I might even bring down the entire internet with thisView full post »

JR & Kristine

Wow…I really took forever editing this one! I had some computer things that have put me a little behind so,View full post »