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Tim, Beth & Grant

I love it when one of my clients tell me that they’re expecting! I shot Tim and Beth’s wedding waaaaaay back in February of ’07 and later that year Beth mentioned that they were having a baby! 😉 I told her that I’d really dig doing a quick family session thing with them (even though I don’t do family sessions) once all the new baby craziness slows down. We finally got together a couple of months ago and even though we had very little time to shoot, we got some pretty cool pics! Once again, (like senior sessions) I might have to rethink my “I don’t really do family sessions” thing!
My favorite! Grant’s hand on mommy’s cheek…too sweet!
I don’t think Grant liked this one little bit! 😉
Thank you so much you three! I had a great time at the park with you!


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